Good locations for entrepreneurs to prospect for customers are BIG events, e.g., vendor shows, small business expositions, and outdoor fairs. There are hundreds, sometimes THOUSANDS of people, crowded in one area with similar interests. This is a premier time to PITCH your product or service.


Typically, I witness a sales pitch, an exchange in business cards and business materials, and a highlight of a company website, a Facebook page mention, and unorganized sign-up sheets for an inconsistent follow-up to close on the sale.

A better way to prospect for leads during these events is a GREAT pitch coupled with a QR code or branded link from your business materials to your landing page.


The landing page advertises and captures the prospective customer's information, and then an email campaign ENGAGES and EDUCATES your prospect of your brand, product or service.

You can invite your prospect to events thru SMS Text message updates AND engage a high volume of interested people thru conversational AI to SCALE your lead generation. 

And FINALLY, you and your team commence with a personal phone or Zoom one-on-one call to gauge their interest to buy, answer any additional questions and close on the sale. 

This is described as a GREAT customer journey.

As an ENTREPRENEUR, which sale process would you choose?
THAT clumsy approach or THIS seamless process!

I help entrepreneurs to create a seamless process of customer engagement and follow-up with a special set of digital marketing tools.


As a pointed way of leveraging social media, I drive organic sales from your business card, post cards, poster displays, hosted webinars, Facebook “LIVE” or any social media assets.



Do you want to continue in a clumsy, SINGULAR way to prospect for new customers OR do you want a seamless process to deliver a GREAT customer engagement, follow-up and SCALE your lead generation with a special set of digital marketing tools?

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